Ups and downs, right?

I've kind of been missing for the past year or so. To my surprise, many people have speculated and came to erroneous and sometimes damaging conclusions on what has been going on with me. The best way I can explain where I've been is that I had been unable to perform on a level that I'm comfortable with due to illness and some environmental factors. Because of that, I was forced to take a break from playing music.

Though this has been the case, I'm happy to say that my health has returned in the past few months. I'm booking shows again, and I'm excited to bring the kind of performance to old and new fans the way that I used to, and hopefully even better. Keep an eye on the schedule, as I'm reaching back out again to old and new partners as well, and that list should continue to grow at a steady rate.

Thanks to everyone,
Keith Jones

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