The Creation of an Album

We're currently working on an album - And not just any album, but our first album. We've been together for a little bit now, and we've been blessed to meet a bunch of cool people and supporting fans through nothing but word of mouth and a minor web-presence. While that's all well and good, it's time to immortalize something. 

We're facing a couple struggles when it comes to the production of our album,but the biggest barrier is money. It would be done in two weeks if we had the money to do it, but with all of the band bills (vehicle maintenance, website, promotional costs, gas, etc,) as well as all of our own personal bills and families that need to be taken care of, it's difficult to set aside enough for recording time.

As much as we hate to ask our fans for things, we feel that it's a necessity to create a KickStarter. Money that's raised will go directly toward the CD, and backers of certain amounts will be the first to receive the songs at no additional cost. Without the help of the fans, these recordings could take an additional year to finish, so thanks in advance.


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